“I am so proud to be a part of a community that looks after one another like Rockport does – small towns like ours are few and far between. I’ve been here since 1981; I raised my kids here, and I am proudly the second generation working at our family-owned business. It’s been so great watching friends that I grew up with create thriving businesses here in town. I love to shop local and work with other members of the community to help our area grow. There really is no place like home.” – Amy Moore, Moore Than Feed


“I’ve been making pasta and pizza for the wonderful people of Rockport-Fulton for more than 30 years. I love this town. Harvey hit Panjos hard, but we were resilient. We renovated and came back after five months of being closed. Good luck to everyone as they recover! We will continue doing our part here at Panjos!” – Jimmy McCorquodale, Owner, Panjos Pasta & Pizza


“I am excited to be entering my fourth year of business! I rode out Harvey as a member of The Lamar Fire Department and saw first hand the resiliency and strength of this community. Harvey was my fourth hurricane and the one that has made the biggest impact on my life. I opened my shop even though we had no air conditioning and internet to give my customers somewhere to escape the trauma and drama of the devastation. I cannot thank my customers & friends enough for their love & support. I love this community and am proud to call it home!” – Kathleen Hahn Ober, The Bead Studio, LLC


“I remember first asking my CEO at Tropical Smoothie Café if I could open in Rockport. Response … “Pam why not build out in Corpus Christi?” I explained my dream was always to bring it to Rockport because I loved my community. He then asked me to send him an email explaining Rockport and my plans to make it work. Before I could finish the email, I had a response back saying, “We know you Pam, and we are behind you.”

As our one-year anniversary passed last August, I can say it brought back some vivid memories. But look at us now! We have come so far in one short year.

Here I am today my home and business both severely damaged by Harvey. But with strong faith, the support of Tropical Smoothie and our loving community, I am open and serving Rockport again. I will never forget the smiles and hugs of my staff and customers the day we reopened for business. I am proud to say, ‘Find Yourself in Rockport-Fulton’” – Pam, Tropical Smoothie Café

Rocky and Carol

We want each of you to know we are working hard to bring back the quality overnight stay at the Lighthouse Inn you had pre-Hurricane Harvey. We are excited! We are almost there! Thank you all for believing in us and for your continued support.” – Rocky and Carol Reese, Lighthouse Inn at Aransas Bay

(Pictured is Jeff Wilkerson, Live Oak Lodging)