Schools in Graham County

Public Education in Graham County AZ

192 E. 200 S • Pima, AZ 85543
(928) 387-8000 •

Pima Unified School District #6 serves the communities of Pima, Bryce and Eden through its award-winning faculty and high-quality curriculum and programming. Home of the Roughriders, the district is composed of three facilities, providing educational opportunities for 785 students enrolled in K–12: Pima Elementary School (K–6), Pima Junior High School (7–8), and Pima High School (9–12).

734 11th Street • Safford, AZ 85546
(928) 348-7000

Approximately 3,130 students make up Safford Unified School District #1, which offers K–12 education through six facilities: Dorothy Stinson School (K–6), Lafe Nelson School (K–6), Ruth Powell School (K–6), Safford Middle School (7–8), Safford High School (9–12), and Mt. Graham High School (9–12). In addition to the district’s regular curriculum are Special Education and English as a Second Language (ESL) programs, as well as advanced programming, vocational education and plenty of extracurricular activities.

3490 W. Main St.
Thatcher, AZ 85552
(928) 348-7200

Home of the Thatcher Eagles, Thatcher Unified School District is a prominent K–12 public school district in Graham County. The district houses four excellent, reputable schools comprised of more than 1,165 students: Jack Daley Primary School (K–3), Thatcher Elementary School (4–6), Thatcher Middle School (7–8), and Thatcher High School (9–12). Special programming, athletics and an assortment of activities and clubs complement the district’s challenging curriculum.

622 College Ave.
Thatcher, AZ 85552 (Office Location)
(928) 348-3393 •

GIFT, a joint technical district, was designed to provide expanded and enhanced vocational and technological education to students 22 years of age and younger who have not received a high school diploma or GED, and are located within one of the participating high school districts (Duncan, Fort Thomas, Pima, Safford or Thatcher). Those enrolled can access Satellite Programs offered via each high school or Central Campus Programs located at Eastern Arizona College.

Additional public schools and districts serving the Graham County area include:

Bonita Elementary School District #16 (K–8)
18008 S. Ft. Grant Rd.
Bonita, AZ 85643
(928) 828-3363 • (520) 384-3237

Fort Thomas Unified Schools (K–12)
15560 W. Elementary School Rd.
Fort Thomas, AZ 85536
(928) 485-9423 •

Solomon Elementary School District (Pre-K–8)
2250 S. Stevens Ave.
Solomon, AZ 85551
(928) 428-0477 •

Private/Charter Schooling

Not every student in Graham County chooses to attend a public school district for his or her primary and secondary educational endeavors. Thankfully, the area is home to a handful of parochial and charter institutions offering private schooling for those who choose to take an alternative route to public education.

Safford Christian Academy
3616 S. Highway 191 • Safford, AZ 85546
(928) 428-4234

Discovery Plus Academy
852 W. 250 N. • Pima, AZ 85543
(928) 485-2498

Triumphant Learning Center
201 E. Main St. • Safford, AZ 85546
(928) 348-8422

Higher Learning

615 N. Stadium Ave.
Thatcher, AZ 85552
(928) 428-8233 • (800) 678-3808

EAC is a public, two-year community college offering a number of associate’s degrees and certificate programs to approximately 3,507 students on its main campus in Thatcher – plus many more at its additional campuses. EAC stands as the oldest community college in the state and offers the most affordable tuition in the Southwest.

Eastern Arizona College
615 N. Stadium Ave.
Thatcher, AZ 85552
(928) 428-8344

Residents of Graham County are afforded the chance to receive a four-year degree without having to leave, thanks to the NAU Distance Learning campus at EAC-Thatcher. Here, students have access to five undergraduate degree programs and four graduate degree programs, plus certificate and endorsement offerings. NAU also provides a multitude of degree programs via its online campus.