Schools in Oxford

Schools in Oxford MS

In Oxford and Lafayette County, education is one of the major factors that continues to make our community great and affords us our quality of life other communities dream of. Our top-rated area schools help prepare students for entering college, as well as for entering the workforce. The Chamber recognizes the importance of an adequately trained workforce to attracting new businesses, as well as encouraging the expansion of existing enterprise.

Northwest Community College, which has a branch in Oxford, is attended by more than 1,500 students from throughout Lafayette County and surrounding areas. It is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, and offers more than 50 courses of study in various academic, vocational and technical programs, as well as several continuing education courses.

Lafayette County is fortunate to have two superior-ranked public school systems: The Lafayette County School District and the Oxford Separate School District.

The Lafayette County School District believes all children can learn, which is why its mission is to simply provide quality education to all of its students. The district strives to educate the whole child, understanding that each student has different needs and learning capabilities. LCSD believes that education is not just an opportunity to learn in the classroom; it is an opportunity for a student to grow mentally and socially. Due to this philosophy, LCSD offers a variety of special and advanced programs.

The Lafayette County School District offers educational opportunities for students within the district who are in pre-K through grade 12, all on a single campus, which allows for a very tight-knit community atmosphere. The campus houses all four of the Lafayette County

schools and is located approximately two miles from the town of Oxford, which is the county seat for Lafayette County. The district’s students are residents of rural Lafayette County, which covers an area from Harmontown in the north to Paris in the south and from Tula in the east to Burgess in the west.

The district provides supplies, materials, and support services to ensure the understanding and mastery of educational objectives. The LCSD bases its requirements regarding testing, grading, promotion, retention and graduation upon state specifications. Faculty and staff are committed to providing students with an excellent education including the following special programs: Pre-kindergarten, athletics/extracurricular activities, ESL, gifted classes for second-seventh grades, Advanced Placement high school courses and gifted drama and music courses.

Lafayette County Schools recognizes that there are many gifted students in the school district whose educational needs cannot be satisfactorily met entirely through the regular education program. Therefore, they are committed to the identification of all gifted students in the district and to the provision of appropriate gifted services to those students. The gifted program, which provides services for intellectually and creatively gifted students, complies with the Gifted Education Program Standards (2004) and the Regulations for the Gifted Education Program (2006) as approved by the Mississippi State Board of Education.

The district has 197 certified staff members, with 49 percent of its faculty holding advanced degrees and 14 percent being National Board Certified.

The district has a student population of 2,693 in pre-kindergarten through 12th grades, which is an ever growing number. The district has a fairly high graduation rate at 88 percent, but is continually working toward improving this statistic, which is one of the best in the state. The district also features Classworks, Renaissance learning, accelerated reader and accelerated math programs at the elementary and middle schools. Also, after-school tutoring and reading intervention are offered in all buildings. Lafayette County School District’s Central Office is located at 100 Commodore Dr.

The Oxford School District is a shining example of how hard work pays off when a team is committed to being the best in its class: the Oxford School District is the No. 1 public school district in Mississippi based on 2015-2016 accountability scores released by the Mississippi Department of Education.

For two years in a row, the district earned academic success as an all “A” school district, making it one of the top academic performing public school districts in the state. Oxford School District teachers, students and staff are the driving force behind the district’s vision, First in Class – The Oxford Way.

Oxford students experience a full-range of college- and career-ready experiences confidently knowing the 21st-century world is theirs. The district has eight schools that serve over 4,250 students from pre-kindergarten through 12th grade. Students are driven to achieve excellence and inspires success in the arts, athletics and academics. In schools, students participate in active, hands-on learning from planting gardens to robotics competitions.

To harness students’ passion for particular topics, the Oxford School District offers a variety of specialized learning programs in grades K-12. As a One to One Digital Learning district, seventh-12th graders use laptops as academic tools to learn anywhere, anytime. In addition to the regular classroom work, the district also offers after-school tutoring for students; each school has an instructional interventionist and special courses in literacy and math to assist students along with a teacher support team. Oxford teachers and staff work collectively for one common goal: to give students the confidence and skills they need to succeed. Currently, the district has 50 National Board Certified Teachers.

With one of the highest graduation rates in the state, Oxford High School is one of the best high schools in the nation. During the 2016-2017 school year alone, the graduating class earned $5 million in scholarships to various colleges and universities throughout the nation, and 40 seniors scored a 30 or higher ACT score. From 2007-2014, Oxford High School was ranked as one of the top 1,500 schools in the nation by Newsweek and made the Washington Post “U.S.’s Most Challenging High Schools” 2011-2014.

The district has over 56 student clubs and offers an array of options for students to cultivate their talents, channel their passions and build confidence and character. Diversity is key when students choose from the district’s listing of extracurricular activities, which includes the Oxford Chargers’ Athletics Program, which houses 30 athletic teams. The Oxford Chargers won nine team state championships in 2016-2017.

Being good community stewards is important to Oxford school officials: Oxford High School became the first Mississippi high school awarded LEED Silver certification during the 2015-2016 school year, and the district was named a 2015 U.S. Department of Education Green Ribbon School District Sustainability award recipient.

With Lafayette County experiencing the fastest population growth in the state, the Oxford School District continues to see student population grow each year. School officials have put a capital improvement plan in place that addresses various district options to accommodate growth while continuing to provide students with an excellent academic experience.

Local School directory

Lafayette County Schools

Dr. Adam Pugh, Superintendent
Superintendent’s Office
100 Commodore Dr.
(662) 234-3271

Lafayette Elementary School
Pre-kindergarten through
second grade
(662) 234-5627

Lafayette Upper
Elementary School
Third through fifth grades
(662) 236-3761

Lafayette Middle School
Sixth through eighth grades
(662) 234-1664

Lafayette High School
Ninth through 12th grades
(662) 234-3614

Oxford Schools

Brian Harvey, Superintendent
Superintendent’s Office
224 Bramlett Blvd.
(662) 234-3541

Bramlett Elementary School
225 Bramlett Blvd.
Pre-kindergarten and kindergarten
(662) 234-2685

Oxford Elementary School
1637 Hwy. 30
First and second grades
(662) 234-3497

Della Davidson
Elementary School
209 Commonwealth Blvd.
Third and fourth grades
(662) 236-4870

Oxford Intermediate School
501 Martin Luther King Jr. Dr.
Fifth and sixth grades (former Oxford Middle School campus)
(662) 236-5508

Oxford Middle School (former Oxford High School campus)
222 Bramlett Blvd.
Seventh and eighth grades
(662) 234-2288

Oxford High School
101 Charger Loop
Ninth through 12th grades
(662) 234-1562

Other area schools

Northwest Community College
1310 Belk Dr., Oxford
(662) 236-2023

Oxford University School
200 OUS Dr.
(662) 234-2200

Oxford-Lafayette School of Applied Technology
134 Hwy. 7 South
(662) 234-9469

Regents School
14 County Rd. 130
(662) 232-1945

Childcare centers

ABC Learning Center(662) 234-4074

Creative Learning Center at North Oxford Baptist Church(662) 234-9703

Discovery Day School, a ministry of OUUMC
(662) 234-3371

First Baptist Church
Weekday Education
(662) 234-3517

Kid’s College Daycare(662) 234-3163

Learner’s Playhouse
(662) 236-5976

Little Angels Preschool
& Daycare Center
(662) 236-4574

Magnolia Montessori (662) 234-0344

Mary Cathey Head Start-ICS(662) 234-3230

Mother Goose Daycare
& Kindergarten
(662) 236-2226

My Little Ones
(662) 234-3305

Willie Price University
Nursery School
(662) 915-7444