Southlake will soon be home to an unusual, welcoming and vibrant mixed-use development. Carillon Parc will include living spaces, a retail development, business space, 8 acres of parkland, entertainment venues and a brand new public library. No one is more excited than Mary Lee Alford, who is the president of the homeowner’s association at Carillon Parc. She and her husband have secured their villa.

“Carl and I bought our lot in the Villa District of Carillon in 2013. We have been living here for four years, and we had a custom home built. We picked our lot based on where we want to be located in relation to the retail development,” Alford said.

The retail development will feature what Alford describes as “Old World style and charm,” blending retail, business and living spaces. Above retail establishments, for example, there will be high-end flats available for purchase.

“We’ve traveled to over 70 countries, and we love the Old World style of how people live, work and play,” she said.

Hunter Chase Capital Partners is buiding the retail development and expects to break ground during the first quarter of 2019. The development has undergone multiple iterations, until it met the needs and desires of everyone involved.

Along with businesses and public spaces, Carillon Parc will be home to chef-driven, upscale restaurants and boutique retail establishments.

“This retail development won’t have franchise-type stores,” Alford said, adding that residents can expect to see the types of shops they might find on Rodeo Drive instead.

A “carillon” is a French bell tower, and in recognition of the name, the retail development will include several bell towers. The 8-acre park will serve as a central greenspace, and will feature a water fountain and a splash pad for children. Parking garages will limit the need for on-street parking, which allows the developers to preserve existing trees.

In addition to providing space where residents can live, shop, work and play, the development is situated near a hospital and retirement facilities. It is a mixed-use, multigenerational development that will further establish Southlake as a destination for entertainment, shopping and tourism.