Community Vision

Every community within the St. Cloud area has invested in a vision for the future, which includes comprehensive plans for future development of the region.

That work includes:
The 2018 Community Pillars Forum

A series of nine key priorities and tasks that impact Central Minnesota and bring together all the area communities in a joint effort to focus volunteer and financial resources to enhance the region’s vitality.

The 2015 St. Cloud Comprehensive Plan

A blueprint for the future that establishes vision and zoning requirements to guide future municipal growth and redevelopment.

The St. Cloud Urban Area Mississippi River Corridor Plan

A vision and implementation strategy to maintain the Mississippi River as a regional asset.

The Transportation Improvement Program (TIP)

A multi-year program of transportation improvements for the St. Cloud metropolitan area. The TIP must be updated and approved at least every two years by the Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) in cooperation with the Minnesota Department of Transportation and St. Cloud Metro Bus. Once approved, the TIP is incorporated into the State Transportation Improvement Program.

Through such aspects as preserving its natural resources, boosting its already-stable economy and enhancing the standard of living through well-maintained neighborhoods, excellent education and superior medical care, the greater St. Cloud area will continue on its path of well thought-out, planned development.