Sunset Hills Memorial Park and Mortuary

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Nestled into the Sycamore Rocks at the east end of Apple Valley, Sunset Hills Memorial Park is not only one of the most scenic areas of the Valley, but it is quickly becoming a tourist destination. The cemetery’s popularity is partly due to its most famous residents, King of the Cowboys Roy Rogers and his wife, Queen of the West Dale Evans. Dale Evans so firmly believed in Sunset Hills, that she spent many hours there after the death of Roy. Dale would sit at the Rogers Family Estate Garden overlooking the valley, working on some of her many books.

Shortly after the passing of Roy, Dale approached Sunset Hills founder Chet Hitt about building a chapel in honor of her late husband. Hitt responded that no tribute to Roy would be complete without mention of Dale and the idea for the Roy Rogers-Dale Evans Sunset Chapel was born. He made a promise to Dale on that day, and on Feb. 19, 2007, that promise was fulfilled.

Today, the Roy Rogers-Dale Evans Sunset Chapel is a place of celebration that Dale would have been proud of.

In fact, at the Chapel Grand Opening in 2007, Roy “Dusty” Rogers Jr. praised Hitt for maintaining the “spirit of life and celebration” that meant so much to his mother. In addition to the “Celebrations of Life,” which the Chapel was built for, more and more couples are choosing to celebrate the beginning of their lives together, with a wedding on the chapel grounds. Charities and other local organizations have found that the chapel, with its state-of-the-art technology, knowledgeable and caring staff and flexible layout, is the perfect location for their events.

Sunset Hills Memorial Park & Mortuary is nationally recognized as one of the most innovative and beautiful funeral facilities anywhere, and national media and funeral industry executives often visit the park “to see what Chet Hitt’s been up to.” Using the natural rockscape of the park as well as artificial rocks and grass, estate gardens and mausoleums have been designed which allow the families of Sunset Hills to own the most unique cemetery property available today.

Photos of all of the properties of Sunset Hills, as well as service schedules, online obituaries and live webcasts are available on the company website,