Surrounding Communities

Vale, Oregon

Vale is a close-knit community of 1,814 people. The city is within close proximity to Ontario as it is almost 17 miles away. The Bureau of Land Management is one of the largest employers in Vale, where government is a main focus in addition to agriculture.

Nyssa, Oregon

The city of Nyssa houses 3,188 residents and is less than 15 miles away from Ontario, Oregon. Nyssa’s main employers are based around the city’s main industries of agriculture and farming. The crops produced in Nyssa include onions, sugar beets, potatoes, corn, and wheat.

Fruitland, Idaho

Fruitland is a rural community of just over 5,136 residents located across the Snake River from Ontario, Oregon. Fruitland’s name originates from the original town site, which heavily consisted of orchards. Woodgrain is a major employer in Fruitland while manufacturing is a strong economic driver for the city as a whole.

Payette, Idaho

The city of Payette is home to 7,478 residents and is a distance of only six miles from Ontario, Oregon. Payette serves as the county seat for Payette County.

New Plymouth, Idaho

Similar in size to Vale, New Plymouth has about 1,500 residents. The city is located 11 miles from Ontario, Oregon. The largest industry in New Plymouth is agriculture.