“Dayton is such a great and welcoming community. Having arrived here from the East Coast almost 25 years ago, I have never looked back. The Dayton region has great schools, tremendous recreational options, vibrant arts and a rich history. As a family we love its Midwestern values. My children have thrived and my career and community leadership has blossomed being here in Dayton. All this, coupled with our low cost of living, make this an incredible place to work, live and play.”

Dan McCabe

“Dayton may not be the glitziest town, with the best entertainment, and coolest geographical features, but it’s the people and opportunity that pack that whoa punch. When I decided to make Dayton my home and the Dayton Art Institute my workplace, I was embraced and uplifted by the people I met. Here, I have found some of my best friends, encountered the kindest and most passionate people, and have grown professionally. Dayton is inspiring!”

Heather Leppla
Dayton Art Institute

“Of all the things that make the Dayton area special for me, the most important is this is home and where my family lives. As a business owner, the location works well in hiring technical talent to support our Department of Defense, Federal and State/Local customers. The convenience and updates at the Dayton International Airport are also a bonus for traveling to other customer locations. Some of my favorite community activities include attending Dayton Contemporary Dance Company performances, dining downtown and volunteering in support of various local non-profit initiatives.”

Jacqueline Gamblin

JYG Innovations “Dayton offers a unique opportunity to live in a great city, have a great place to raise a family, and be surrounded by great people. We may not be on an ocean or in the mountains, but give me the small towns and neighborhoods, affordable cost of living, vibrant arts community, restaurants, golf courses and the friendliest people with a strong work ethic any day. Growing up in a small town, Dayton was my big city to visit and for that I still love it.”

Mark Williams
Elements IV Interiors