Thurston County Statistical Profile

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The source for all statistical information that follows is The Profile, published annually by the Thurston Regional Planning Council. For additional data on Thurston County, contact the council at
(360) 956-7575 or visit


Thurston County has been one of the fastest-growing counties in Washington State since the 1960s, exceeding the state’s overall rate of growth consistently.

For Thurston County, population growth has little to do with increased rates of birth. Instead, the majority of population increase has been due to the migration of people into the county. It is the result of a relatively stable economy, high quality of life, and a lower cost of living than in counties to the north.


Thurston County is located at the southern tip of Puget Sound and is known for its fair-weather summers and gray, wet winters. Locals recognize that this balance is responsible for the acclaimed beauty of this region. The mild, marine-type climate allows for outdoor activities including biking, hiking, gardening and boating year-round.

Like most of western Washington, Thurston County’s weather is characterized by sunny summers and wet winters.

Normal Weather Averages*

Temp. High/Low °F Precipitation Snow
January 45.9° / 33.7°7.84”1.9”
February 49.3° / 32.8°5.27”4.7”
March 53.9° / 35.1°5.29”0.7”
April 58.9° / 37.7°3.54”0.0”
May 65.3° / 43.1°2.33”0.0”
June 70.6° / 47.6°1.76”0.0”
July 76.8° / 50.8°0.63”0.0”
August 77.7° / 50.5°0.94”0.0”
September 71.8° / 46.0°1.71”0.0”
October 60.2° / 40.5°4.60”0.0”
November 50.2° / 36.4°8.63”0.9”
December 44.2° / 32.6°7.46”2.6”
Yearly 60.5° / 40.6°50”0.8”

*Statistical averages from data collected 1981 to 2010.