Housing and Real Estate

Real estate in Tuolumne County is a major industry. It employs more than 278 active agents in more than 66 real estate offices. The natural beauty of the area lures many people to the county for the first time, but it is the quality of life and the cost of living that keeps them here. The average selling price of a home ($261,000) makes this community affordable as compared to some other areas of California. Home sites range from small mountain cabins on half-acre lots in the high Sierra to larger ranch properties on acreage parcels in the foothills. The majority of new construction is by individual contractors building one or two custom homes at a time, but that is changing as new subdivisions are proposed. New homeowners have the option of designing their home from the ground up or buying a home that is “turn key.”

The improved medical facilities, shopping availability and related service industry make Tuolumne County truly self-sufficient. The improving economy provides for a housing market that is not subject to the dramatic inflation and depreciation experienced in many metropolitan residential areas. Low interest rates, fairly stable home prices and rising incomes make Tuolumne County one of the most attractive real estate markets in California.