Village of Sleepy Hollow

Dundee Township boasts its very own hamlet, the Village of Sleepy Hollow, a quaint residential community of less than 3,400 founded in 1958. With rural charm forsaking the business and industry that peppers its neighbors in the Fox River Valley, Sleepy Hollow is a haven from noise, traffic and crime.

The citizens of Sleepy Hollow take immense pride in their family community. With the president and board of trustees committed to retaining its rustic small-town atmosphere while forging ahead into the next century, Sleepy Hollow embraces tomorrow while cherishing its past.

Floyd Falese, the first village president and keeper of the vision for Sleepy Hollow, hired landscape artist and leading planner Raymond W. Hazekamp who designed a village of rambling roads (sans curbs and sidewalks) that led into cul-de-sacs and to homes constructed on lots a minimum of one-half acre. Hazekamp called this, “the Sleepy Hollow concept of good living.” And he did all this without leveling a single tree.