Vision North Iowa Economic Development

The North Iowa region recently embarked on an economic development strategic planning process, the end product of which will serve as a roadmap for the region’s future economic development activities and investments. Three area organizations, including the North Iowa Corridor Economic Development Corporation, Clear Lake Chamber of Commerce and Mason City Chamber of Commerce, joined forces to help initiate and facilitate “Vision North Iowa,” the region’s strategic development plan.

Consulting firm TIP Strategies gathered data for 10 months and developed a plan based on the input of more than 1,000 stakeholders; a detailed analysis of demographic, economic and market data; several community site visits; a community perception survey; numerous focus group sessions and public workshops; and an economic development network analysis. The research resulted in a set of goals, strategies, and actions that will propel the North Iowa region toward its vision for the future.

  1. Formalize regional partnerships to establish strong collaborations for economic advancement.
  2. Create an environment that retains, equips and attracts a strong, diverse talent pipeline and increases prosperity for all North Iowans.
  3. Advance the regional economy by retaining, expanding and attracting high-growth companies.
  4. Leverage existing assets to strengthen the culture of entrepreneurship and expand the innovation ecosystem.
  5. Ensure smart, sustainable and shared economic growth by strategically promoting the region as a destination for investment and expansion.

Having identified the region’s assets, opportunities, challenges and risks, community leaders and Vision North Iowa partners are working diligently to capitalize on strengths and overcome challenges, to make North Iowa an even better place
to live.