Welcome to Edison

Welcome to Edison New Jersey

Edison, New Jersey, has been ripe with technological progress and innovation since its early days. Despite a rich history in Central New Jersey, settled in the late 1600s, Edison is a community committed to the present day and future. Today, Edison is recognized among the leading communities in New Jersey and continues to earn high marks as an enviable place to live, raise a family and conduct business.

Edison was originally known as Raritan Township when it was established more than three centuries ago. It has been touched by the Revolutionary War, serving as a home base for the Continental Army and even seeing action as a battleground. The Kilmer US Army Base was the staging area for troops heading to Europe in WWII and the Korean War. But what Edison may best be known for is the home to Thomas Alva Edison’s world-changing laboratories at Menlo Park.

It is said Edison chose Menlo Park for his “invention factory” because it was the highest point along the Pennsylvania Railroad between New York and Philadelphia. While in Menlo Park, Edison invented items that led to more than 400 patents, including the phonograph, the electric railway and the incandescent bulb. Today, residents and visitors enjoy the Menlo Park Museum and the Edison Memorial Tower, a commemorative piece to honor Edison’s years at Menlo Park.

Present day Edison offers both residents and businesses an unmatched quality of life led by features such as top-performing schools, safe neighborhoods, beautifully kept recreational spaces and outstanding business centers catering to a diverse array of industries.

The community has earned accolades from leading publications such as Money Magazine and Forbes for its unsurpassed lifestyle. Edison has been named the second most livable city in New Jersey and the fourth-safest place to live in the country, among other notable commendations.

Government, academic and business leaders continue to work hard to ensure a strong and viable future for Edison. Continued efforts for new economic development and redevelopment of Edison’s more venerable areas are at the forefront of township priorities. Whether it’s for residential living or establishing new business operations, it is an ideal time to choose Edison as your new home.