Welcome to West Covina

The City of West Covina California is a unique city with plenty to offer its growing population and changing residents. Community inhabitants are highly diverse. These characteristics drive citywide efforts to focus more attention on the specific needs of the community. City programs and business centers cater to a variety of cultures. There is also a strong emphasis throughout the city on facilities that service seniors.

For those who live within city boundaries or those stopping by as they travel through on the freeway, West Covina is a place to do it all. There are residential communities, as well as shopping and business centers. Big businesses provide a high number of jobs to local residents and bring in revenue for the city. Small businesses and big businesses co-exist to offer a wide variety of services. One of West Covina’s greatest features is that it is an excellent place to work, shop, play, and live—and those who live here proudly call it home.