Town of Apple Valley

Since the days of Gable and Lombard, when rumors of their stolen visits to the Yucca Loma Ranch were whispered in Hollywood, Apple Valley has been known as “A Better Way of Life.” People who settle here do so by choice and not out of necessity. They are attracted by the clean air of the High Desert, the hometown feeling of the area and to Apple Valley in particular — it is a wonderful place to locate a business and raise a family.

Exploring the Town of Apple Valley through this publication will reveal several surprises sure to delight you. You will discover that Apple Valley is considered the premier community of the High Desert, and find out how Apple Valley meets the needs of families and businesses.

Bright and clear, Apple Valley sunrises set the tone for a busy, active community. Apple Valley is centrally located for your business and manufacturing needs. While overcrowding drives growing businesses out of L.A. and San Bernardino to other states, Apple Valley offers 78 square miles in which to successfully grow your business and family. Our healthy community is the ideal location to expand. Many Hollywood movie stars realized that in the 1940s.

Apple Valley was the family home of Roy Rogers and Dale Evans. Dale often stated that she realized she made the right decision to live in Apple Valley just by watching an Apple Valley sunset. The Town of Apple Valley’s unique scenery and beautiful sunsets have also made it the perfect location for several movies. You too can have the same experience by visiting Apple Valley.

Wildlife also abounds in Apple Valley. On quiet desert nights, you can hear coyotes in the distance. In the morning, quail and jackrabbits scurry off for their homes as another beautiful day begins in Apple Valley. Birds of every variety — including owls, hawks and road runners — make Apple Valley and the High Desert perfect for those who like to view wildlife up close.

While no publication can tell all, we hope you will take the time to browse the pages of this book and learn about Apple Valley’s beauty. Come and discover why Apple Valley can offer you and your family A Better Way of Life.