Worship in Apple Valley

Apple Valley was founded on a strong tradition of community spirit and the belief of neighbor helping neighbor. While this old-fashioned tradition may have died out in some communities around the country, it is still strong in Apple Valley.

The community’s churches and worship centers have been leaders in keeping this tradition alive – through words and through example. Local churches tackle community projects by partnering with other churches to get the job done. A multi-faith, after-school kids’ care program, neighborhood clean-up projects and an interfaith thrift shop (to raise money for low-income families) are among the projects that our faith community has taken on together.

Area houses of worship range from the large and well-established to the small and intimate. Families and friends can gather in beautiful houses of worship for most faiths with over 180 congregations, including Catholic and Protestant (denominational and non-denominational), Hindu, Buddhist, Muslim, and Jewish.