A Letter From the Chairman

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The Greater Cleveland Chamber of Commerce is all about our member businesses and, in general, our community. This directory and our Chamber website are intended to provide you with the latest and most accurate information about businesses, churches, city government and schools in our area. Our Chamber members know the importance of supporting our entire community of organizations in the Greater Cleveland area. Their support is significant in helping us accomplish our mission.

The mission of the Greater Cleveland Chamber of Commerce is to market the products and services of our membership; to promote economic development through local and outside shopping; to promote investment in the Cleveland Area Community; and to provide leadership, ideas and action to enhance the quality of life in our community.

As we evaluate 2018, I can say that your Chamber members, Chamber volunteers, Chamber staff and board of directors have been, not only busy, but very dedicated to the mission. All our activities have been focused on making our community grow economically and improving the quality of life in our area. In 2018, we had three successful major community events that engaged our community, businesses and investors.

Our biggest and most well-attended annual banquet was held in February where we recognized Business of the Year, Volunteer of the Year, Ambassador of the Year and Citizen of the Year. In June, we held the Outdoor Expo where the community was engaged in fun, shopping and receiving marketing information about our local businesses. In November, Rock-N-Ride Cleveland was attended by many out-of-town bike riders, and patrons got to hear great music all afternoon. The Outdoor Expo and Rock-N-Ride Cleveland were free for the public to attend, thanks to our sponsors. In each of these events, local businesses who provided sponsorships were advertised to all attendees.

Additionally, the Greater Cleveland Chamber of Commerce has become active in transportation and education issues on a local, regional and state level. Our education committee has engaged with our local school districts, local businesses and state legislators to air funding concerns for public education. They also organized “Principal for a Day” where local business representatives shadowed Cleveland ISD principals for a half-day. Our transportation committee has engaged with City of Cleveland officials, Liberty County officials, Texas Department of Transportation and the Houston Galveston Area Council to make sure that road and highway projects needed in our area get emphasis in the planning and budgeting process.

Your 2019 board of directors and I are excited about the upcoming year. We will continue to make our big events even better. We will also continue the hard work of influencing state and local institutions to ensure that the Greater Cleveland Area is considered and listened to about opportunities and issues that affect our area.

Whether the work is meant to accomplish plain old fun for our community, more business for our members, infrastructure improvements or better funded schools, none of our work is successful without the dedicated engagement of our membership. As your 2019 chairman, the words you will hear from me, repeatedly, are “You get out of your Chamber of Commerce membership what you put into it.”

Be sure to visit our website at ClevelandTXChamber.com, or stop by the Chamber office in the Green Bank building to see how you can participate.

Charlie Rice,
President and Chairman of the Board of Directors