City Services

Arcadia prides itself on being effective and cost-efficient when it comes to the services provided to its residents. It counts itself among the safest cities, and the city council and staff work hard to maintain the city’s image. Arcadia also boasts that it has more residents who work in computers and math industries than 95 percent of the cities in the entire United States. Overall, the city is extremely diverse, with a wide variety of ethnicities, and 48 percent of the population notes being born outside of the United States.

Volunteerism is a mark of pride for the City of Arcadia, with opportunities in many areas with multiple local organizations. Volunteers lead classes at the local community center, engage with children at the library, and assist at the Chamber’s signature Taste of Arcadia.

Local entities, such as the city, the Chamber and the recreation department each publish various online newspapers and paper booklets, much like this one, that help residents and tourists find the best of Arcadia.