City Services

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You’d be hard-pressed to find a city that provides more services more effectively and cost-efficiently than Arcadia.

The city is among the safest and the City Council and city staff are both remarkably stable, which creates a sense of security and calm for residents. Streets and sidewalks are kept clean and maintained, and there is seldom any reason to complain about utilities or public works.

Volunteerism is a hallmark of Arcadia with hundreds of volunteers spending tens of thousands of hours contributing to the fabric of the community, whether it be sitting on Commissions, leading classes, or just helping out in the book store at the library. City leaders are often seen engaging and interacting with the community at numerous events and they encourage residents to do the same.

The city and the Chamber of Commerce each publish regular newsletters, directories like this one, calendars and other materials, along with daily updates of their websites.

The city has replaced or remodeled nearly every major city building in recent years except the aging City Hall, which is completing a facelift of its own. A new City Hall is also being considered.