Location and Transportation

Arcadia residents find it easy to get around the city by using multiple methods of public transportation. The 210 Freeway bisects the city, running along the San Gabriels from east to west, and the Metro Gold Line runs along the freeway, from Azusa all the way to Union Station in Downtown Los Angeles and beyond. Metro plans to expand the Gold Line, making Arcadia even more accessible. With convenient parking, Arcadia Station also plays host to the city’s annual tree lighting ceremony during the Christmas season, along with other events throughout the year.   

The iconic Gold Line “basket bridge” near Baldwin Avenue in Arcadia spans the 210 Freeway. The bulbous end designs are representative of native basket weavers, and the 584-foot bridge has won multiple awards, including the Best Project in Southern California for highways and bridges.

Arcadia also offers a city-wide dial-a-ride service called Arcadia Transit.