Chamber Welcome

The role of the Arlington Heights Chamber of Commerce continues to evolve, however the foundation of being influential in the economic development of the village has stayed consistent. Whether working to retain existing businesses through business counseling, consulting, promotion, or advocacy to the recruitment of businesses through collaboration with commercial property owners, franchise agencies or being a business accelerator when working with local government agencies, the Arlington Heights Chamber continues its foundational mission.

Keeping Businesses Here
As an insider’s look into our business community, this guide offers consumers the ability to identify businesses who are community investors. This means they are not just here to make a profit, they invest back into the community through the Chamber resources that helps the overall community. By consumers supporting these businesses, they provide the resources needed to stay profitable and competitive with businesses in surrounding communities. Where you spend your money does directly impact your community.

Bringing in New Businesses
The Arlington Heights Chamber is proactive in economic development. Because of this, we are bringing in potential business owners and investors who have become more interested in the community and connecting them with commercial owners who are more strategic with what businesses will be most successful in their given space. If you know of a business in other communities that you would like to see come to Arlington Heights, give me a call or drop me an email. We will do our best to connect with them.

Providing What Consumers Need & Want
The Arlington Heights Chamber is your chamber, working on your behalf to be an advocate for a healthy community. We provide you with the connections to businesses and organizations who make Arlington Heights a great village. We provide you the opportunities to engage in community events, social gatherings, and resources to help you enjoy all Arlington Heights has to offer.

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Jon S. Ridler
Executive Director
Arlington Heights Chamber of Commerce