Park District

Close your eyes and think about something you enjoy doing. Chances are that a smile gradually made its way across your face. Smiling alone decreases stress levels, and sends confidence and satisfaction to your brain, which ultimately makes you happier and more self-assured due to its endorphin boosting effects.

Not convinced that there are real health benefits to having fun? According to research published by the, here are just a few reasons why you may want to lighten up this season (and how the park district can help).

Lift energy levels & sleep better
By taking the time to relax, enjoy yourself and do things you actually like, you can help yourself feel less tired, more mentally awake which in turn helps you sleep more soundly, allowing you to wake up feeling better to begin with. Pack up the kids and trek on over to Lake Arlington to experience more fun, more nature and more fitness for your outdoor enjoyment.

Increase intimacy with friends & family
Through bonding activities like playing a group game, taking in a free outdoor concert, playing a round of golf or tennis, you’ll maintain and build relationships with the people you care about.

Reduce stress
Laughter is the best medicine for stress. When you laugh, your body releases serotonin, giving you that natural high to make you feel extra good. Doing something you enjoy is bound to make you feel good.  And now you know that there’s scientific evidence proving that having more fun increases your psychological and physical health. Get inspired and create your own play adventures at the Arlington Heights Park District.