Chamber Welcome


On behalf of the Belvidere Area Chamber of Commerce, we want to welcome you to Boone County, whether this is your first time visiting or if you are relocating to our great community.

One of the first things you will discover about Boone County is the friendliness of our people who come from all walks of life. Whether you are a teacher, farmer, fireman, police officer, lawyer, librarian or homemaker, we are all connected in some way. Our children go to the same schools, our families worship together, or perhaps we volunteer for some of the same worthwhile community organizations. There is a great work ethic among Boone County residents – a willingness to chip in and get to work on making the community a better place to live and work. That is just one of the many reasons that make Boone County unique. It is a place where people truly care about one another.

The Belvidere Area Chamber of Commerce shares in that belief. The Chamber is a group of businesses working together to promote the business environment in our community. By promoting business, there are more opportunities for job growth and appeal to more people who desire to live, work and play in our communities.

There’s much to love about Boone County. Our spacious parks, conservation areas and golf courses are enjoyed throughout many months of the year. When spring arrives, our ball fields come alive with families watching their little ones play soccer and baseball. Summer is a time for heading to the local pools and gearing up for the much-anticipated Boone County Fair. There are many arts and craft fairs, farmers markets, summer concerts, Heritage Days and the 22nd anniversary of our murals, as well as special events hosted by any one of our many civic organizations. In the fall, there are many events and festivities organized by the park district and Boone County Conservation District, as well as the thrills of Friday night high school football at our three local high schools. The winter months bring residents together at the new outdoor skating rink.

As we celebrate our 104th anniversary, our mission remains the same – to support the diverse business community in Boone County. Our Chamber staff, board of directors and volunteers work tirelessly on a number of efforts – on the beautification of our commercial districts, the creation of fun events that bring residents together and promote local business, organizing informational and social events to bring residents together, sponsoring the annual Hometown Christmas celebration and much more.

Inside this guide, you will find plenty of information about education, health care, attractions, recreation, business and living in Boone County.

Whether you are spending a day, a weekend, or permanently relocating to Boone County, we encourage you to contact the Belvidere Area Chamber of Commerce for current information, helpful tips, a calendar of events or just general information about our community. Take some time to explore Belvidere and Boone County to see what everyone is talking about.

Luis Gonzalez Tom Lassandro
Board President Executive Director