The Village of Bensenville officially incorporated on May 10, 1884, by vote of its residents. The history, of course, dates back much earlier. The Miami tribe had resided in what is now northeastern Illinois prior to the arrival any Europeans. Later, the Sauk, Kickapoo, Winnebago, and then Potawatomi migrated into this same land. Because the pattern of settlement in Illinois was from south to north, those of European descent looking to build a home did not begin to arrive until the mid-1830s.

Those from the Kingdoms of Hanover and Prussia broke the prairie sod, felled trees and built their homes and dairy farms. But the settlers did not stop there. They built a church, a school, a windmill, a blacksmith shop and two general stores. Soon, an active community was taking shape.

These farmers took their dairy products to Chicago by way of what is now Irving Park Road and Grand Avenue. This route continued until 1873 when the railroad stretching out of Chicago reached the village being referred to as Bensenville. The population grew. Those of Latino origin, many from Mexico, and others from the nations of Eastern Europe began arriving in the village.

Again, driven by the need for a school, the village was incorporated and a school was built on Green Street. In the early to mid-20th century others schools were built with names reflecting the earlier Native Americans presence – Tioga, Chippewa, Mohawk and Blackhawk.

In 1946, the Army Air Corps plant at Orchard field was purchased by the City of Chicago and converted into a commercial airport named after a World War II fighter pilot – Edward O’Hare. The airport brought new opportunities for business just as the railroad had previously. Today, companies performing metal finishing services, sign and banner production, industrial equipment manufacturing and precision machining are all located in Bensenville.

Italian restaurants, Mexican restaurants, as well as Mexican grocery stores and a bakery are a part of the village. The Village of Bensenville, Bensenville Park District, Bensenville Community Public Library, Bensenville Elementary School District 2 and Fenton Community High School District 100 all provide numerous services and programs to the residents in a vibrant, thriving community.