Crossroads of American Business

Bensenville offers a highly visible, affordable and convenient location for business. As the neighbor of O’Hare International Airport, positioned at the hub of the nation’s rail and highway network, Bensenville’s geographic advantages for logistics, distribution, warehousing and manufacturing are unrivaled.

Bensenville provides convenient and economical travel through the region, the nation and the world. Situated in the central time zone, Bensenville offers a unique benefit given the practical realities of doing business in a global economy. Close proximity to other Midwestern cities provides superior access to markets, materials and manpower. Bensenville is within one day’s trucking of over 100 million consumers and two days by piggyback rail from either coast.

Bensenville’s central location and access to both public transit and excellent highways allows employers to have access to a highly qualified workforce.

The expansion of the Elgin-O’Hare Western Access increases opportunities for every business segment. Completed in fall 2017, the new railroad overpass at the intersection of Irving Park and York roads (featured on the cover) was a $64 million dollar project that now saves thousands of hours per day for Bensenville businesses and motorists by eliminating delays caused by the previous railroad crossing.

The corridor along the highway will include corporate headquarters, technology businesses and back-office operations. As our manufacturing and logistics sector grows, support businesses, retail and restaurant offerings will also expand and prosper.

Bensenville can offer ample, adaptable, affordable commercial, corporate and industrial space options. We offer abundant, affordable and reliable utilities.

The Chamber, together with its civic network of business and community leaders, strengthens Bensenville’s position as a business center. Bensenville’s geographic advantage, its regional partnerships and involved, supportive business community offer your business unmatched resources and opportunity for growth and prosperity.

Bensenville has unlimited potential. Put our advantages to work for you and be part of this exciting, dynamic and livable community.