Bensenville Park District

Businesses See Partnerships as a Value

Bensenville Park District provides wholesome quality leisure experiences and services to the residents and area communities, while creating an avenue for business to market to local customers. The park district strives to enhance the quality of life through the preservation of local history, open spaces and recreational opportunities for all ages to enjoy. Throughout the year, the park district offers many special events, mostly geared toward kid and family enjoyment. Because of their diverse programs and destination facilities, White Pines Golf Club and Fischer Farm offer a variety of events that appeal to all age groups. White Pines hosts events that offer live entertainment, holiday fun and/or sports themes, while Fischer Farm, an American history buff’s favorite, features events such as Civil War reenactments, family campouts, art showcases and live music.

These special events offer area businesses the opportunity to be involved in the community at a whole different level than ever before. Businesses are gravitating toward sponsoring these events to not only boost their community presence, but also to offer coupons and face-to-face interaction with customers.

This type of engagement with consumers garners much more return than alternative advertising methods. Business owners also realize that aligning with the mission of the park district has tremendous value, and is perceived as good will, having a positive message.

In addition, several local businesses currently take advantage of the traffic through the Deer Grove Leisure Center by advertising on digital monitor displays throughout the building.

For more information about advertising and sponsorship opportunities, and/or information about the services and facilities of the Bensenville Park District, call (630) 766-7015 or visit

Bensenville Park District Parks & Facilities

Bensenville Park District has 14 parks and maintains approximately 75 acres of park land. Their operations also include White Pines Golf Club at 500 W. Jefferson Ave, a 240-acre 36-hole golf course, restaurant and banquet facility.

Other park district amenities include eight baseball fields, three soccer fields, Fischer Farm, 16w680 Grand Ave. and the Bensenville Water Park & Splash Pad, 1100 W. Wood St. The water park is complete with a 155-foot water slide with plunge pool, diving well, drop slides and sand volleyball court. There are play areas for children, both on land and in the water. The water park also offers full-service concessions, locker rooms, chaise and sun chairs, and arranges private rentals for groups.

The park district’s administrative offices are at the Deer Grove Leisure Center, 1000 W. Wood St. The Leisure Center has a state-of-the art weight room, a full-size gymnasium, an indoor track, racquetball courts and is the site for many park district programs and events.