Best Schools in Mauldin

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Best Schools in Mauldin Area

Bethel Elementary School
Bethel Elementary School was established between 1801 and 1810; the original school was housed in a one-room log building. In 1916, a two-room school replaced the original building, and the deed was transferred to the board of trustees. The school was built on its present site in 1964 to educate 477 students.

Today, the school sits in the heart of the fastest growing region of South Carolina. Cornfields have given way to housing developments, country roads to highways. The tiny sand-colored school was enlarged to three times its original size in a $6 million expansion in 1995. In 2015, the school celebrated its 50th anniversary. Currently, Bethel School is one of nearly 100 schools in the county; it is located in a growing suburb in the Upstate.

Since 1997, multiage classes have been an innovative option to consider in lieu of a traditional classroom setting. Challenge, the gifted and talented program, is designed to meet the needs of academically gifted and talented students. The Extended Day program offers a service to the school community and provides enriching, structured care for children. It is offered to students in all grade levels from 2:30 to 6 p.m. on school days. Students are provided homework assistance, recreational activities, snack, arts and crafts and access to educational technology. Students utilize Compass Learning in reading and math while attending the program in order to impact academic achievement.

Nerissa Lewis was named principal at Bethel Elementary in July 2014. She holds a bachelor’s degree in elementary education from Winthrop University and a master’s degree in administration and supervision from Furman University. She is a member of the South Carolina Association of School Administrators. Her previous experience includes principal of Mitchell Road Elementary and Baker’s Chapel Elementary, assistant principal, administrative assistant and teacher.

Mauldin Elementary School
Mauldin Elementary School is located in a business/residential area on Holland Road in Simpsonville, South Carolina. The school was once at 101 E. Butler Rd. in Mauldin. The old school was originally built in 1937 and the new school was built in 2002.

Mauldin is one of 52 elementary schools in the School District of Greenville County. The campus includes open and covered playground areas, a ball field and a track. Mauldin Elementary School serves approximately 941 students in pre4-K5 through fifth grade. The majority of the students come from two-parent homes with middle income level. The student population consists of 392 Caucasian, 374 African American, 80 Hispanic, 31 Asian and 64 others. Fifty percent of students qualify for free or reduced meals plan, 10 percent qualify for the gifted/talented program and 13 percent qualify for special education services.

The administration at MES consists of one principal, one assistant principal and one above the baseline administrative assistant. The faculty consists of 39 regular classroom teachers, one full-time reading interventionist, two part-time reading interventionists, one literacy coach, one developmental K5/first/second grade class, one K4 classroom and one preschool special education (moderate) class, along with one full time related arts team and one part-time related arts team.

This school year there are four resource teachers. The school also has one instructional coach, one media specialist, one full-time and one part-time counselor, one full-time speech teacher, one part-time speech teacher, two computer lab managers, two part-time occupational therapists, one part-time ESL teacher and one part-time challenge program teacher. Additional support staff includes one full-time nurse, one attendance clerk, one full-time office clerk, one part-time office clerk, one secretary, six kindergarten aides, four full-time self-contained aides, six full-time custodians and one plant engineer, as well as one food service manager and six food service staff.

Mauldin Middle School
Mauldin Middle School’s goal is to create a collaborative learning community and to prepare all students to become life-long learners who are responsible and productive citizens. A strong partnership with the community helps to make this school so exceptional.

The school opened in 1999 and has almost 1,000 students. The faculty and staff consist of 52 certified teachers, four administrators and 30 staff members. Principal Christopher Kilian is in his third year as principal of the school.

In addition to helping students develop world-class skills and life and career characteristics by their course offerings, the school also integrates technology into their curriculum to improve student learning. All students at Mauldin Middle School are issued Chromebooks to enhance the degree of learning.

The academic program at Mauldin Middle School is extremely competitive and students have the opportunity to take multiple courses for high school credit. Students may embark in a more rigorous course load by advancing to Algebra I, Geometry, English 1, Spanish, Google Basics and Multi-Media Basics for high school credit. Students also have the option of taking many courses through the virtual program, allowing them to take more AP courses once they enter high school.

Students have two periods of related arts each school day, giving them the opportunity to to explore areas in which they are passionate. Students also have “flex time” during the school day, which is a period of additional instructional time set aside specifically for teachers to meet students where they are academically. Students receive either assistance in a content area in which they are struggling, enrichment in a content area in which they are excelling or individualized guidance in completing their assigned academic tasks from teachers.

Mauldin Middle School students have the opportunity to participate in many extracurricular activities, including basketball, softball, baseball, soccer, volleyball, National Junior Beta Club, Lego Robotics, Sandlapper Club, Girl’s Science Club, Youth in Government, Battle of the Brains, Student Council, Be A Fan Club, STEP Team, Yearbook, school music and drama performances, band, strings, choral competitions and concerts.

Mauldin High School
What is a maverick? A maverick is someone who “exhibits great independence in thought and action.” According to new Mauldin High School principal Mike Peake, “What makes the school so special is our students. We are blessed to have our students.”

Mauldin High School mavericks in the class of 2017 graduated ready to change the world. With over $14.8 million in college scholarships, these students have gone on to study at colleges and universities around the state and country, and it was the outstanding, rigorous, and student-centered education offered to them that enabled their success.

With a graduation rate above 94 percent (and 90 percent of those students attending two- or four-year colleges), Excellent Absolute Rating on the South Carolina School Report Card for six consecutive years, Palmetto Gold Awards for General Excellence and Closing the Gap, six national merit semi-finalists, 72 AP Scholars, 29 AP Scholars with Honors, 53 AP Scholars with Distinction, seven AP National Scholars, 37 Palmetto Fellows, nine Teaching Fellows Scholarships over two years and National Beta Club School of Merit recognitions, Mauldin High School graduates well-educated and civic-minded young people equipped to meet the needs of an ever-changing world.

Academically, students at Mauldin High School have varied and diverse opportunities to prepare for life outside of the classroom. Each classroom has a smart board, and the school became a Greenville County pilot school for integrating personalized and student-centered learning by providing each student with a Chromebook. Teachers participated in relevant professional development to prepare for teaching familiar content in new and technologically enhanced ways, preparing students for the technological demands of living, learning and working in the 21st century. The ready access to technology, supported by grants from the PTSA, has allowed the school to increase participation in areas like STEM and health sciences.

Additionally, students earn college credits while still enrolled in high school through AP courses as well as dual credit classes, and many students explore other opportunities with partner schools such as Donaldson Center, the Fine Arts Center, Golden Strip Career Center, and Greenville Tech Jump Start.

With marked success and achievement already, what does the future hold for Mauldin High School? Principal Peake is working to create stronger connections with the Mauldin community. By restructuring orientation and open house to be more family centered, the school is becoming more accessible and open. He also is strengthening connections with colleges and universities as well as programs of occupational training to increase participation in Greenville County’s G+ model, an initiative that enables Mauldin High School students to graduate with more than just a high school diploma.