Letter from the Mayor

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If you are a new resident or business locating in Mauldin, I would like to personally welcome you to this great city nestled in the Upstate of South Carolina. You will be joining one of the fastest-growing communities in the Southeast as our population almost doubled in size to over 25,000 residents in the past decade. Of the 270 municipalities in the state Mauldin is now the 17th largest city.

If you are a new resident or contemplating moving into our city, you have made or hopefully will be making a great choice to relocate here and become a citizen of the City of Mauldin. According to recent surveys, we were ranked the third best city to live in South Carolina. All of our over 200 city employees are ready to serve you as they perform their daily tasks. In a national ranking of the two cities in South Carolina, Mauldin was ranked the 29th best city to retire in, with the City of Charleston ranked 20th. Mauldin was the only city in South Carolina to make Money magazine’s top 100 places to live.

Our police department is proud of their CALEA certification, and our fire department is one of only a few departments in the state with an ISO class rating of 1. According to FBI crime statistics, Mauldin ranked the sixth lowest crime rate in the state. Our public works department provides Mauldin residents with clean neighborhoods through efficient garbage and recycling collection services along with leaf/limb and debris pickup services. Through structured preventive maintenance programs, our street and sewer departments ensure that our infrastructure is performing as it should be.

We are pleased to see positive growth trends with our businesses and residential communities as revenues and permit activity continues to increase. Our most recent financial audit indicated that we are very sound financially and we were upgraded to AA+ by Moody’s and A1 by S&P. According to Zippa.com, of 62 cities ranked in the State Mauldin ranked the fourth most successful city.

Mauldin’s recreation programs and facilities are first rate and state of the art. We offer some of the best recreation opportunities of any city in the state with 78 acres of parks in addition to the Maudlin Sports Center that includes a gymnasium, a climbing wall and a full line of fitness equipment and classes. Our senior citizens’ program continues to grow each and every year and our seniors stay extremely active.

Mauldin’s Cultural Center, adjacent to the sports center and a stone’s throw from city hall, continues to serve as a resource for the community by housing the Greater Mauldin Chamber of Commerce and various civic groups. Our newest addition to this venue is our outdoor amphitheater, hosting several performances including “Beachin’ Fridays” this year for 10 weekends and featuring a farmers market during the summer months.

Event attendance and building usage continue to set new records for this venue. “Expect Greater Things” as we continue to invest in this facility both internally and externally.

If you are a business opening or relocating in our city, we also welcome you and take great pride in being the most business-friendly city in the Upstate. Our goal is to make your transition to our city as seamless as possible. We were ranked by nerdwallett.com in the “Top 10 Cities in South Carolina to Start a Business.” You will also enjoy the benefits of the City’s great working relationship with what we consider the most active and professional Chamber of Commerce in the Upstate.

Family values are at the core of our community here in Mauldin. We hope that you will agree that we offer a high quality of life where you can “Expect Greater Things!” On behalf of the city council and our employees, we welcome you to the City of Mauldin.

Mayor Dennis Raines