Community Redevelopment Agency

Boynton Harbor Marina
735 Casa Loma Blvd.

Located one-half mile south of the Boynton Inlet, the Boynton Harbor Marina offers a multitude of water activities including fishing charters, drift fishing, scuba diving charters, Jet Ski rentals, boat rentals and waterfront dining. The marina was purchased by the Boynton Beach Community Redevelopment Agency in 2006 to ensure public access to Boynton Beach waterways and the preservation of the commercial marine industry.

The building consists of marina offices, public restrooms and a ship store. The ship store is well stocked with drinks, snacks, bait, ice and last minute boating items. Also, the marina is equipped with state-of-the-art gas and diesel dispensers. The new diesel dispensers are capable of pumping fuel at speeds of up to 60 gallons per minute.

Boynton Beach CRA Economic Development Programs

Boynton Beach is a great place for business.

Downtown Boynton Beach is quickly becoming one of Palm Beach County’s most popular waterfront destinations. As the demand grows for the “Boynton Lifestyle,” the Boynton Beach CRA has developed several incentive programs that provide opportunities for new businesses to relocate or existing businesses to upgrade in the Boynton Beach CRA district. The CRA continues to demonstrate the agency’s willingness to invest into businesses in Boynton Beach.

The Commercial Rent Reimbursement Program is designed to help facilitate the establishment of new businesses and aid in the expansion of existing businesses within the Boynton Beach Community Redevelopment Agency (the CRA) district. The program is designed to provide financial assistance to new and existing businesses in the form of rent reimbursement intended to help businesses during the critical first year of operation in order to effectively promote new businesses within the CRA, thereby remedying and preventing conditions which lead to slum and blight.