Cedarburg Mayor Kip Kinzel and Town Administrator Tim Rhode welcome you to Cedarburg!

Cedarburg is directed by two fully functioning governing entities, which strive to ensure that residents and businesses receive the highest quality in public services and programs. Both the City and Town of Cedarburg work closely with businesses, community leaders and citizens to maintain and enhance the area’s standard of living.

City of Cedarburg

The City of Cedarburg seeks to preserve its historic, “small town” atmosphere and quality of life while balancing the desires of our community by delivering high quality programs and services in a fiscally responsible manner.

Heading the City of Cedarburg, along with elected Mayor Kinzel, are seven council members representing the seven districts of the city along with more than a dozen municipal departments. A professional city administrator directs and coordinates operations and services. Together they ensure the city meets the growing needs of its citizens.

Town of Cedarburg

The Town of Cedarburg calls for the provision of quality, essential services, performed in a modern, cost-effective and efficient manner. The town administration includes a professional administrator, Tim Rhode, and clerk. The town is governed by an elected town board, which includes a town chairman and supervisors.

Cedarburg Police & Fire Departments

Administered by the City of Cedarburg, the Cedarburg Police Department serves the safety needs of the city, employing sworn officers and civilian employees through its emergency government sector, while the Town of Cedarburg is served by a town constable and county sheriff.

The Cedarburg Fire Department is made up of community volunteers. The fire department covers approximately 33 square miles in both the city and town. The department takes great pride in their volunteer support and fund-raising activities that make it the “best of the best.”

Cedarburg Government

City of Cedarburg
W63 N645 Washington Ave. | Cedarburg, WI  53012
(262) 375-7600

Ozaukee Economic Development
121 W. Main St. | Port Washington, WI  53074
(262) 268-7730

Town of Cedarburg
1293 Washington Ave. | Cedarburg, WI  53012
(262) 377-4509