Chairman of the Board Welcome

I tell my 4 daughters that with a strong work ethic and an unshakable positive attitude – A Can Do Attitude – there is nothing they can’t accomplish. That through Grit and Optimism – the world is their oyster. This is how I feel about Clovis. Once a small farming and cow town with grain fields as far as the eye could see, sown by Clovis Cole himself, Clovis is now a burgeoning metropolitan community, and one of the most sought after places to work and raise a family in the entire state of CA. While times may change and technology advances, some truths remain steadfast and endure. I am proud to say that this same unwavering Grit and Optimism that put Clovis, “The Gateway to the Sierra,” on the map, is the same Grit and Optimism that continues to drive Clovis, and the Clovis Chamber of Commerce, forward today.

What does Clovis mean to you? Depending on who you ask, you will undoubtedly get a different answer. Clovis is bound by a fabric of several resolute and unflappable qualities that bind us all together: our love for and devotion to family, faith, and our deep rooted community; our commitment to and compassion for our neighbor; our Exemplary School District; our world famous Rodeo; our strong rural agricultural history; and even though we are a large city by any modern measure, we love our small
town feel.

The Clovis Chamber of Commerce is not different in its adherence to promoting these same ideals and values, that have made, and continue to make, Clovis a great community to live, work and raise a family in. Through its commitment to fostering a healthy, strong and vibrant business community, the Clovis Chamber’s Mission Statement says it all:

The mission of the Clovis Chamber of Commerce is to advocate and support a healthy business environment which improves the quality of life in Clovis.

On behalf of the Clovis Chamber Board of Directors, it is my hope that 2020 brings your businesses and families the success and prosperity that come from Grit and Optimism, qualities that made this town great, and continue to make Clovis a shining star in the State of California.

To become a member of the Clovis Chamber, or for more information, please call (559) 299-7363 or email us at


Ryan Indart
2020 Chair, Clovis Chamber of Commerce