About the Chamber

Who is the Chamber?

The Columbia Chamber of Commerce is the voice of the business community. As a five-star accredited Chamber, the Columbia Chamber is in the top percent of all Chambers in the country. For more than 110 years, the Columbia Chamber of Commerce has been a voluntary, member-supported organization of business, industrial and professional people who are dedicated to developing, promoting and maintaining a sound and healthy economic climate for Columbia. The Chamber is a non-profit organization with about 1,000 members working together to enhance the Columbia business community. It is an unapologetically pro-business group that will always fight to continue improving the business climate in the city and region.

What is our mission?

The mission of the Columbia Chamber of Commerce is to lead our community, drive commerce in our region and advance community and regional collaborations, thereby enhancing the quality of where we live, learn, work and play.

What is our vision?

Through persistent commitment to our mission, we see a future characterized by unprecedented achievements in both public policy and economic vitality. We are dedicated to nurturing and providing leadership to ensure community aspirations become realities.

What are our strategic issues?

• Be the voice of business

• Deliver value to members

• Advance community excellence

• Support sustainable economic development

• Develop organizational sustainability

How is the Chamber funded?

The Chamber is a nonprofit, 501(c)6 organization funded by membership dues, programming and events.

Who are our members?

Members include businesses of all sizes, from one-person shops to large corporations. More than 80 percent of the Chamber’s membership is comprised of businesses with fewer than 25 employees with almost every industry in the state being represented.

How the Chamber Serves You

As the voice of the business community, The Chamber is directed by the needs and desires of the business community. Whether it is addressing legislation at a local, state or federal level, The Chamber is always making sure the business community will not be negatively affected. The Chamber has a consistent presence at the Missouri Capitol in Jefferson City and at Columbia City Hall. Chamber staff continues to work hard to develop relationships with decision makers with every business and industry to make sure they can be there for each member in their time of need. If there’s a problem, we listen and find solutions or guide you in the right direction to get those solved.

The Chamber is complete with staff that are experts in their fields. Whether it’s needing guidance with communications, marketing, or laws, The Chamber is a safety net and backup for the business community. When problems pop up, there will be a staff person available to jump to help with almost any problem.

In addition to being the voice of the business community, we also take the role of advocating for it seriously. Most of this is done through the legislative realm headed by the Government Affairs Committee. The committee provides leadership, information and advocacy which strives to enhance the economic environment and represent the political interests of the Columbia. One of the key components of The Chamber’s advocacy efforts is developing relationships with organizations and to establish relationships with local, state and federal officials. The Chamber has taken this role seriously and expanded it. One of the newest additions to The Chamber is the Columbia Community Partnership. It is comprised of Boone County, City of Columbia, Boone County Government, Columbia Public Schools, University of Missouri and Moberly Area Community College. Each month, leaders from each of these entities travel to the Missouri Capitol to lobby on behalf of Columbia and Boone County. It is the perfect example of collaboration between multiple public and private entities of several different industries. This gives the Mid-Missouri region one unified voice to talk with legislators. It allows for senators and representatives to understand the entire story. They get several different angles of the same issue about how it can affect the entire community. While doing all of that, it also helps push agenda that Columbia is a business-friendly community and extremely important to the success of the region and state.

The Chamber hosts a variety of programs throughout the year to give members the opportunity to build and solidify relationships. These programs are a time for the business community to get together in one room at one time. This induces conversations and connections that otherwise might not be had. The largest events hosted by The Chamber include four Quarterly Membership Breakfasts, Chamber Classic Golf Tournament, Economic Outlook Conference, Small Business Week, Business Showcase, Civic Appreciation Breakfast, Agricultural Recognition Banquet, Legislative Reception and the Annual Membership Banquet.

Digital communications provide exposure and keep members up-to-date on local businesses and Chamber and community activities. These publications include the weekly Chamber Activities Calendar and the monthly Chamber Business Line Newsletter.

Chamber Divisions and Affiliations

Purpose: To reinforce The Chamber’s mission in the hope of advancing economic development in Columbia and the surrounding trade area by “helping celebrate what’s important to you. Your Business.”

Columbia Community Partnership
Purpose: To enable our organizations to promote Columbia and Boone County and to advocate with one voice on issues of importance to our region.

Emerging Professionals
in Columbia

Purpose: To engage, develop and celebrate emerging leaders through professional growth opportunities and social interactions.

Women’s Network

Purpose: To connect, empower and engage members through leadership development, educational opportunities and innovative outreach.

Fair Missouri Foundation

Purpose: The Fair Missouri Foundation is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation formed exclusively for charitable, educational and scientific purposes. The nine-member Board of Directors for the Fair Missouri Foundation includes, but is not limited to, certain officers and the President of the Columbia Chamber of Commerce.

 Chamber Committees

Agribusiness & Bioscience Committee

Purpose: To support and stimulate growth of agribusiness and build awareness within The Chamber and surrounding community.

Budget & Finance Committee

Purpose: To assure financial solvency of the Chamber.

Showcase CoMo Committee

Purpose: To provide a networking/sales/marketing opportunity for business professionals.

Chamber Classic Golf Tournament

Purpose: To provide a networking opportunity between business professionals, friends, clients or prospects while enjoying a day on the Links. The money raised goes to support and build Chamber programs.

Emerging Issues Committee

Purpose: To provide a forum to discuss critical issues that are affecting the business community.

Government Affairs Committee

Purpose: To provide leadership, information and advocacy that enhances the economic environment and represents the political interests of the Columbia business community.

Membership Committee

Purpose: To encourage, grow and educate our members on the importance of active involvement with Chamber activities.

Small Business Committee

Purpose: To promote the growth, profitability and recognition of business.

Total Resource Campaign

Purpose: To plan and implement the Total Resource Campaign, the Chamber’s annual fundraising campaign.

Transportation Committee

Purpose: To facilitate discussion and decision-making to improve highway and roadway transportation infrastructure in the Columbia area. w