Downtown Corvallis

Downtown Corvallis, Oregon

Corvallis is known throughout the region for its unique shopping and dining opportunities. Corvallis’ pride and joy is a traditional downtown shopping district located in the areas of First through Fourth Streets between Jefferson and Monroe Avenues. The Riverfront Park running along First Street for nine blocks has become a center for dining and entertainment in Corvallis.

Great shopping can be found throughout the city, from the major locations of Timberhill and Ninth Street, to tucked away neighborhood centers full of unique surprises. Ninth Street is among our busiest shopping destinations. Here, several of our larger stores, as well as many smaller, locally owned businesses of all descriptions are conveniently located within minutes of each other.

Corvallis is home to an unusually high number of custom jewlers, unique spas and some of the finest dining anywhere. Corvallis is a great weekend destination for rest, respite and a taste of the good life.

Retail Centers
  • 66 city blocks in the heart of Downtown Corvallis
  • Timberhill Shopping Center (corner of Walnut Boulevard and Kings Boulevard)
  • Rite-Aid Center on Circle
  • Safeway/Kmart/Home Depot Center on Circle
  • Kings Boulevard and Buchanan Avenue
  • Ninth Street
  • The eclectic and lively Monroe Avenue by OSU
  • Van Buren and 11th Street
  • Grant and 29th Street
  • South Third Street
  • Heritage Mall in nearby Albany

In Corvallis, you can find whatever you’re looking for: clothing, bicycles, home furnishings, tools, toys, books, hobby craft materials and more. We have one of the largest per capita concentrations of independent jewelers (eight) with in-house designers in the country, a concentration of bike specialty shops, a variety of women’s clothing boutiques, unique shoe stores and specialty men’s clothier. These are some of the many things that make the Corvallis retail community stand out.