Taste of Kernersville

Downtown Kernersville, NC

Kernersville retail and dining offers the best of all worlds. The quaint downtown includes specialty stores, popular restaurants, coffee/smoothie shops and even a bakery. If you prefer shopping at large retail stores, South Main Street features big box office supply, clothing, home improvement, grocery and general discount stores. Multiple family-owned businesses have thrived in our community for many years.

“We dine in Kernersville once a week! We couldn’t ask for a more diverse choice of great food and the environment is top notch!”
— Kernersville foodie

Kernersville offers the full gamut of restaurant options, from all the key national fast food restaurants to high quality sit-down dining. Many communities have a variety of restaurants but few, if any, can match the heart of Kernersville restaurant owners. Kernersville restaurants participate in several fund raisers for worthwhile charitable causes. Seventeen area restaurants participate each year in the three Eating for Education events, donating a portion of their total sales to the chamber’s education grants.

If you’re in the market for a new car, Kernersville boasts nearly every major auto dealer. We also have a unique setting at The Factory in our North Main Street downtown shopping district. The Factory is a mixed-use facility with retail, restaurants, service, condominium living and even a popular radio station.

Kernersville is your one-stop community for all kinds of shopping and dining. Because of our lighter traffic, the Triad comes to Kernersville for their shopping needs.