On behalf of the township, I would like to welcome you to East Brunswick.

Our community sits at the Center of New Jersey and consistently ranks among the best communities in the Garden State. If you were to look at our township seal you would find the following three words proudly displayed — Home, Education and Commerce.

Home to approximately 50,000 residents, East Brunswick is one of the most diverse collections of individuals and families. With houses of worship representing every major religion, people of all faiths are welcome in the township. Our schools teach ESL to students who come to the township speaking over 100 different languages and hailing from every part of the globe. It is our differences that make us unique, but it is our bond as residents of this township that makes us strong and resilient. Ranked as the best police department in Middlesex County, the East Brunswick Police Department consistently helps the township remain one of the safest communities in the state.

Our superior Blue Ribbon public school system has been a consistent source of pride. We are consistently ranked among the best school systems in the state and the country. Public education continues to be the number one reason that residents move to East Brunswick. Residents remain the driver of the Board of Education’s high standards. This is reflected in the regular resetting of expectations and goals as the public schools are constantly benchmarking to the highest levels of quality. The entire township takes pride in our public schools as they embrace their motto, Excellence in Academics, Athletics and the Arts.

Long recognized as a main center for commerce, our most important commercial corridor is getting a long needed facelift. Redevelopment is well under way and will make way for a mixed use, downtown, walkable community that will qualify as a Transit Oriented Development. With ease of access to public transportation and connectivity to surrounding communities, East Brunswick is poised to return to being a leading commerce center. The Route 18 corridor connects neighboring New Brunswick with the Jersey Shore. Our location at the center of the state and near major roads allows us to attract major commercial, industrial and manufacturing businesses.

So whether you are attracted to the great schools, safe community, diverse cultural makeup, beautiful parks, top rated public water park, award winning public Library, wide variety of arts opportunities, or community/sports programs — East Brunswick is a great place to live.

Brad J Cohen, MD

Mayor – Township of East Brunswick