Business and Economic Development

The Findlay and Hancock County community has seen steady economic growth over the past several years, and has no sign of stopping. Our growth can be measured in employment and wages, but those two measurements alone do not allow those who are unfamiliar with our community to understand just how unique we are.

For the past four years, Findlay has been ranked the No. 1 Micropolitan in the United States. There are nearly 600 Micropolitans in the U.S. that Findlay competes with annually, and we continue to come out first in capital investment, new jobs and new construction.

With convenient access to railways, interstates and airports, Hancock County provides the infrastructure conducive to business and growth. Findlay is centrally located to North America’s automotive manufacturers and also has a strong logistics and distribution sector. McLane, Campbell’s Soup, Lowe’s, Kohl’s, Home Depot and Best Buy operate over 5 million square feet of distribution space. ’

Recently we’ve seen expansions from several companies in the area, including Cooper Tire, Veoneer-Nissin Brake Systems, Valfilm and Whirlpool. From large corporations like Marathon Petroleum, to family-owned manufacturers like DNC Hydraulics, Hancock County is home to very successful organizations.

As businesses expand within our community, so does the need for workforce and housing. The Raise the Bar organization is a partnership of education, business, social services and community leaders that work together to meet the growing demand for workers in our area. In the past year, several housing projects have been announced, including Liberty Ridge Apartments, Horizon Hillcrest Apartments, Crawford Station Apartments and Senior Homes of Findlay.

As we prepare for residential growth, it is important to create a downtown that is safe for people to work and live. Findlay’s Main Street was recently revitalized, making it even more pleasant and safe. New mid-block crosswalks, seasonal foliage and the addition of new bike racks have transformed Downtown Findlay into a destination inviting to visitors who want to walk, shop, eat and relax.

All of these things set Findlay and Hancock County apart from most communities, but one of our most unique factors is our international community. Seven companies in our area are headquartered in Japan, in addition to three German, one Brazilian and one Danish company that all call Findlay home.

This year, cherry blossom trees were planted in Downtown Findlay’s Dorney Plaza as a symbol of friendship between Japan and Findlay. Findlay recently announced a Friendship City agreement with the Japanese city Kawaguchi, which not only strengthens our bond with Japan, but also comes with the opportunity for a high school student exchange program.

Rural communities play a great part in the growth of the community as well. The Community Foundation has brought the Community Heart & Soul initiative to Hancock County, which allows residents to shape the future of their communities based on what matters most to them. Now, communities of every size, such as Mt. Blanchard and McComb, are seeing the benefits of local prosperity and renewed interest.

Our local government and economic development teams work closely with elected officials at all levels to ensure that we continue to provide a competitive environment not only to attract new businesses, but to sustain our already thriving companies. We call it the Findlay Formula: When government, business and nonprofits come together for a common agenda, great things happen.