Mayor’s Welcome

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Dear Friends,

Any successful community, regardless of size, owes its success to the collaboration and cooperation of all stakeholders. The City of Geneva is a model for this spirit of working together while recognizing that the path toward success requires all of us to pitch in and help avoid at best and ameliorate at least any obstacles that prevent such a journey. “

Geneva’s success – its very brand – is often imitated but seldom duplicated. Our brand includes our government partners who provide excellent schools, highly regarded parks and recreation programs and an innovative and responsive library district. Geneva’s success also features residents of all ages engaged in civic and philanthropic affairs, industry partners that are market leaders, a healthy and diverse downtown business district and our physical environment. All those characteristics combined make our city the picture-perfect canvas to live, learn, work, play and raise a family.

More than 400,000 visitors come to Geneva every year to experience our hospitality and warm welcome. Thanks to all Geneva has to offer, people return time and again for another dose of the Geneva brand, the same brand you helped make possible.

My best,

Kevin Burns
City of Geneva