Glendale Heights is home to a diverse business community led by industries including manufacturing, wholesale/retail trade, health care and social services. Businesses of all sizes and types continue to make Glendale Heights home because of the location and development sites available for businesses, as well as the streamlined process to move a business into the community.

Glendale Heights boasts excellent commercial sites centralized at three of the village’s major intersections – North Avenue and Bloomingdale Road, North Avenue and Glen Ellyn Road and Bloomingdale Road and Army Trail Road. These areas have national chains, local businesses and specialty shops for customers throughout the Chicago area.

The area’s industrial parks boast over 400 acres of opportunity for businesses. These business parks house everything from offices and warehouse distribution to light manufacturing, and even includes entertainment options such as Vertical Endeavors climbing facility. The village encourages growth in these areas as industrial development not only aids in fortifying the tax base, but also offers a large number of employment opportunities for residents.

The business parks found within Glendale Heights include:

  • The Highgrove Center of the DuPage East Campus at the southwestern corner of Army Trail Road and Glen Ellyn Road.
  • The Highgrove Center of the DuPage West Campus at the southeastern corner of Army Trail Road and Schmale Road.
  • The Glen Pointe Business Park west of Bloomingdale Road at Glen Pointe Drive.
  • The Glendale Lakes Business Park east of Schmale Road at Lake Drive.
  • The Sawko Industrial Park on the western side of Glen Ellyn Road at Mitchell Drive.
  • The Polo Club Business Park on the western side of Glen Ellyn Road north of Windy Point Drive.
  • The Sean Neilan Industrial Park west of Glen Ellyn Road on the south side of Windy Point Drive.
  • The Glendale Industrial Park on the western side of Bloomingdale Road at Brandon Drive.
  • The Glendale Heights Business Park on the northern side of Fullerton Avenue east of Glen Ellyn Road.
  • The Glendale Office Park at the northwestern corner of Army Trail Road and Gladstone Drive.
  • The Glenwood Center on the eastern side of Glen Ellyn Road south of North Avenue.

There are a number of major corporations found within these parks, including Edy’s Grand Ice Cream, Kronos Products, Inc., Ferguson, iD Commerce + Logistics and many others. There are also a number of undeveloped areas within the village’s borders that are suitable for either industrial or business developments. w