Government of Taylor, Texas

Organized and on the ball. Taylor enjoys a full array of federal, state, county and local governmental entities that provide services related to health and human services, public safety, immigration, national defense, veterans affairs and education. Numerous non-profit agencies coordinate additional social and human services through the East Williamson County Interagency Support Council.

City Council. Taylor is a home-rule city and has five City Council members. Four are elected from the single-member district areas from which they reside, while one is elected at large by qualified voters. A Mayor may be elected from the total elected council members, while all elections for council members are by a plurality vote. Elections for City Council are held on the first Saturday of May every year, or on another date per the laws that the state provides.

The City Council is responsible for appointing, by a majority vote of all elected members, a City Manager, a City Attorney and a Judge of Municipal Court, any of whom may be removed by a like majority vote of said council at the leisure of the City Council.

Police Department. The Taylor Police Department consists of 27 sworn-in and 12 non-sworn-in members dedicated to serving our vibrant and growing community. Officers’ experience on the force averaged 13.86 years as of April 23, 2008. The Department is a values-based organization that seeks to serve all persons who reside in or visit Taylor to the best of its abilities and provide all with the highest possible quality of life.

Fire Department. The City Fire Department consists of two fire stations, 25 commissioned career firefighters and one administrative assistant. The Department personnel takes great pride in serving the citizens of Taylor through efficient, personalized response. The Department is highly trained in the areas of fire and emergency medical first response. Personnel also are members of the countywide hazardous materials, swift water and rope rescue teams. Using Prevention First, the Department’s fire prevention and code enforcement team maintains a high standard through community education.