Gurnee District 56

Gurnee District 56 continues to demonstrate innovation and creativity to fulfill its commitment to the community to deliver an inspiring education to all children. This year, the district embarked on a three-year program to immerse coding and computer science skills across all discipline areas and decided to begin that program with K-2 students. The teachers have all been amazed with the innate abilities the youngest students have demonstrated in this area and admit they are learning as much from the students as the students are learning from them.

As part of its blended learning philosophy, the district will begin piloting online courses for students next year.

As part of the district’s vision statement to place students more in control of what they learn and how they learn it, students will begin to learn more about topics of interest to them through the online courses.

The district’s first online course next year will a Spanish class for beginners that will transition students to the formal classes taught in seventh and eighth grades.

Also of note is the district’s new Future Ready library at Viking School. The new library symbolizes the innovative spirit of Gurnee District 56.