Educational Roundtable

Roundtable is a discussion between several parties or groups who all take part on equal terms. This definition exemplifies the Village of Gurnee Chamber of Commerce’s Educational Roundtable. This effective roundtable is composed of the superintendents of each school district in Gurnee along with civic leaders, local clergy and community business owners. Established in 2014, the roundtable’s mission is to serve and improve educational opportunities coupled with business achievement for both students and chamber members.

Through the Educational Roundtable, schools now have an opportunity to disseminate information to the business community that can further enhance business involvement and growth. The Roundtable has used social media to push information to the public covering topics such as the Woodland breakfast program to assisting with the Spanish teacher recruitment. The group has also used “Myth Busters” to spread facts about educational tax dollars and how they are used.

Roundtable participants firmly believe there is a great need for the business community to get involved in the community schools. This involvement could be through volunteering as a mentor. All it takes is the business community volunteering to give back 30 minutes a week by mentoring a child in need.

The possibilities are endless in what the Educational Roundtable can accomplish in the years to come.