Mayor’s Welcome

Gurnee is a wonderful community to raise a family, work, shop or play. Although Gurnee has grown from a rural farming community in to a regional economic center, we have been able to maintain the small town feel while offering world class shopping and entertainment options. Part of what allows us to maintain our community feel is a strong sense of ownership from our residents, business owners, intergovernmental partners and civic organizations. By working together, we have been able to shape Gurnee in to a community that is economically competitive while still feeling like a home for all of us.

The economic health of Gurnee is directly tied to the success of our business community and their ability to remain competitive in a changing environment. The Village of Gurnee is committed to supporting our business community by making strategic investments in infrastructure and capital.

In the upcoming year, the village will embark on our largest capital investment program in Gurnee’s 90 year history. The plan for 2018/2019 includes $11.7 million in investment in capital infrastructure and equipment. A significant investment is being made in building a new two million gallon capacity water tower along Knowles Road. This new water tower will increase water pressure and reliability for residents and businesses on the west side of the village and will provide additional reserves for all water users in the event of an emergency supply interruption.

Preservation efforts are at the heart of many of our operations. Whether keeping our neighborhoods safe or ensuring that our roads are adequately maintained, the village continues to excel. The village is very cognizant of managing costs and tax dollars judiciously and introduced several new programs that will save our residents money or streamline operations the last few years. Our police, fire and public works departments are at the forefront in their individual fields and have been repeatedly recognized for their excellence and quality of service. We deliver these services in the most cost-effective manner possible, which allows the village to operate without levying a property tax. We are one of the few communities in Illinois that do not levy a property tax to finance services, and are in our 18th year of this practice.

We continuously strive to advance our services in response to the needs of residents, visitors and businesses. If you want to stay connected with the latest projects and news, we have multiple ways to keep you engaged through our website, e-Blasts, NextDoor, Facebook, Twitter and the traditional quarterly newsletter.

Whether you are a resident, business owner or visitor, there is much to be proud of in Gurnee. Please do not hesitate to contact the village of Gurnee or the Gurnee Chamber of Commerce if you should ever need any assistance, and thank you to everyone who helps to keep our community great.


Kristina Kovarik