Lodging options abound in Hobbs. Whether you need to rest your head a night during a cross-country trek, you’re attending a week-long conference or you are on assignment for months’ worth of work in the Hobbs area, you’ll find the accommodations right for you.

From one night to an extended stay, providing you with a comfortable stay is important to us. We want you to find it in Hobbs. The commercial vitality of Hobbs is extraordinarily good, and the truth is, our hotels and motels have provided boarding for workers who might have otherwise stayed in apartments if those, too, were plentiful. Our lodging operators work cooperatively to find you a room at another property if their own does not have a vacancy. We appreciate your patience and interest in getting a night’s rest in Hobbs.

In addition to the hundreds of rooms offered by our established hotels and motels in Downtown Hobbs, hundreds more rooms have come online in the last 10 years in Uptown Hobbs, with more hotels in various stages of development.