Welcome to Hobbs

Welcome to Hobbs! If this is your first look at our community, we can almost guarantee it will not be your last. Those of you who have visited our state know of its mystic enchantment and its rich heritage and diverse cultures.

Hobbs sits four miles from the Texas border. Our community economy is based on oil and natural gas, and for many years has been the cornerstone of New Mexico’s extracted energy successes.

Although oil and natural gas still drive some of our economic development, our community has diversified into wind, solar, nuclear, health care and tourism. Individuals who visit our community enjoy the many unique and independently owned shops and services.

From well-known named restaurants to our brand of locally-owned and -operated kitchens and eating establishment, Hobbs is truly a dining delight – and with a mouth-watering menu. We are known for our “Tex-Mex” foods, but you will also find traditional Mexican food restaurants with that south-of-the-border flair and fire.

Speaking of flares, at night our skies are lit up with the flares from the oil field and sometimes, the light is so bright that night turns into day. This is an awesome sight and one you will not forget.

The real value of our community is its people. Some families have roots here dating to the 1800s, while others arrived just weeks or months ago. Because of its diversity, Hobbs is a great place to live, work or visit. Our history really begins to take shape in the late 1920s with the discovery of black gold and has matured into a modern and proactive city with quality of life being the driving force for its residents and visitors.

We invite you to visit, stay and even consider Hobbs as your final destination for retirement and/or starting a business. You will find Hobbs to be one of the best places to Live and raise a family.

We extend a New Mexico welcome to you and your family, and invite you to visit Hobbs and enjoy our unique brand of southwestern hospitality.