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The Old Bridge Recycling Center offers free recycling services to township residents. Items can be dropped off from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday through Saturday at the center, located on Route 516, behind the Old Bridge Animal Shelter.

Metal recycling: The township accepts all metal items, such as lawn mowers, bicycles, lamps and workout equipment. Only the metal portion of these items are accepted. Please remove any plastic or fabric before dropping it off.

Motor oil: Each resident is allowed to bring up to 5 gallons of motor oil.

Carpeting: Residents can bring household carpeting to the recycling center. Only the carpeting is accepted, not the padding underneath.

Mattresses/box springs: Residents can drop off a mattress or box spring six days per week.

Concrete, brick and block: The township accepts all concrete, bricks or cinder blocks.

Curbside recycling: Anything that is picked up curbside (bottles, cans, paper or cardboard) can also be brought to the recycling center.

Middlesex County recycling programs: Check the Township website,, or call the recycling office for dates and details on all Middlesex County sponsored events.

Paint: The township accepts paint on the second Saturday of each month, all year long. Drop-off hours are between 7 a.m. and noon at the recycling center.

Tire recycling: Available to all Middlesex County residents at five various locations throughout the county.

Paper shredding: The township hosts the first paper shred event of the year every March. Limit is five boxes or 100 lbs. per resident. Residents are also allowed to go to any town in Middlesex County that is sponsoring a paper shred.

Household hazardous waste: There are five events per year for Middlesex County residents. The township hosts one event every July.

Residential cooking oil: Township residents are welcome to drop off cooking oil at the recycling center, six days per week.

Township by-appointment-only services:

Please email/call the recycling office to make an appointment for the following:

Brush: The township picks up branches and brush bi-weekly throughout spring, summer and fall. Each bundle cannot exceed 40 lbs., be over 4 feet long or be more than 5 inches in diameter. The bundles must be tied up. Bundles that are not tied will not be picked up. Any small twigs and sticks can be thrown in a bucket/pail and placed at the curb along with the bundles.

White goods/appliances: Appliances are picked up by the township bi-weekly, all year long.

TVs and computer electronics: Residents can drop off any size/type of TV or computer (printer, monitor, scanner, etc.) six days per week. Residents who will need assistance at the recycling center must call to schedule an appointment.

Propane tanks: Call the recycling office to schedule an appointment before drop-off. The township does not pick up propane tanks.

Township seasonal services:

The following services are available seasonally by the township:

Leaf pickup: Leaves are picked up only in the spring and fall. Schedules are available online or in the recycling office. Residents can purchase paper leaf bags at any local home store (Home Depot, Lowes, Walmart, Shoprite, etc.). The township picks up according to ward; residents should confirm which ward they live in and follow the appropriate schedule.

Christmas tree recycling: Trees are picked up approximately four times every January by ward. Check the township website for the schedule.

Useful information

The Recycling office is located in the public works building at the Township Municipal Complex. Office hours are 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Recycling bins are available for purchase at the recycling office.

New residents who bring in their house closing papers or deed within one year of closing will get two free recycling bins with the purchase of the home.

For more information, call (732) 721-5600, ext. 6107. Check out and click on the “Recycling” tab for full details. Residents can email the recycling and public works departments at