Houses of Worship

Joliet residents are highly active in their community, with many participating in a variety of local organizations and initiatives.

The city’s spiritual sector is vibrant and diverse, with more than 60 denominations represented at well over 150 churches, synagogues and other religious institutions. The area’s faith-based community is comprised of a bevy of longstanding houses of worship – with a number featuring historic architectural styles – and newer congregations housed in modern structures. Members and nonmembers are all invited to take part in an assortment of worship services and programming such as religious education, support groups, Bible studies, youth activities and more.

Volunteering through area organizations and nonprofits is also a big part of life in Joliet. Hundreds of residents donate their time, resources and talents through a variety of service organizations to improve their community’s quality of life. Among the many volunteer outlets in town are youth and women’s services, athletic organizations, business and career groups, services for low-income and poverty-stricken individuals and families, civic boards and commissions, health care and research-related initiatives and many more.

Whether it’s exploring your spirituality or donating your time for a good cause, there are plenty of ways to stay active in the Joliet area.