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Joliet IL Residential Living

Joliet is the third-largest city in Illinois. Its population has nearly doubled over the last 20 years, ballooning from 76,836 in 1990 to 147,433 in 2010.

As Joliet continues to grow, so do its housing options. There is a home for everyone here – from luxurious estates to modest single-family homes and modern townhouses. Historic preservation work has resulted in many beautifully maintained homes from the city’s earliest days, while newer construction reflects Joliet’s dedication to the future. Downtown revitalization has also added to the local real estate market with the opening of apartment and condominium complexes in renovated structures, such as the historic Auditorium building and the former Louis Joliet Hotel.

The price of homeownership is just as appealing, with many families and individuals relocating to this southwest suburban area due to its affordable real estate and overall lower cost of living. Homes in Joliet start as low as $130,000 and go all the way up to the million-dollar range. Reasonable rental options are also available throughout the city, as are several excellent retirement homes for seniors looking for a low- to no-maintenance lifestyle.

The city’s safe, affordable, family-oriented neighborhoods – close to shopping, recreation, schools and a thriving business district – continue to bring in new residents who desire the perfect environment to raise a family and enjoy life at its best.