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Lafayette, LA strives on economic development. Being one of the top ten cities in the United States for economic growth, Lafayette is an amazing place to raise a family and work. Especially with Lafayette being the center of energy manufacturing. Louisiana sets up a strategy called the Lafayette Economic Development Authority that focuses on creating new jobs for the community.

LEDA’s goal is to ensure that businesses are expanding, recruit corporations that will think about establishing in the area, and make sure the growth of new businesses are transforming the economy in Lafayette. LEDA operated the first economic development plan in the United States to accomplish ISO certification. Their idea was to make sure the customers are in good hands and work on becoming well-rounded climate. The organization works on an action plan which consists of three focal points. This includes plan, do and check.

LEDA shows a strong foundation for growth. With business expansion and outreach, LEDA works with all companies they are willing to increase and relocate. Most business plans require a fee, in this case LEDA is free and private. Some attributes do feature networking, permits, training area selection. For more information visit to request a meeting with LEDA.

Business recruitment and relocation is booming in Lafayette Parish. Most clients are commercial real estate agents, company owners or high-level management. Not to mention healthcare is the largest industry in Lafayette. According to, 40 percent of people are working in wealthy industries that includes mining, construction, manufacturing, and information. Along with healthcare, the Lafayette Parish School System is ranked No.2 for top employers in 2017, with 4,209 employees.

LEDA has also collaborated with the University of Louisiana at Lafayette’s College of Engineering. This is to ensure that entrepreneurs are learning new ideas, different ways to change their companies and focus on energy with aerospace and biomedical features. The award-winning college has been establish since 1983 and serving a professional team of people. The partnership is also setting up education sessions for manufactures to listen to speakers.

With LEDA’s innovation to produce more jobs, there are many opportunities for employers to seek new business and relocate their company to Lafayette. Lafayette is the focal point for energy which helps create jobs in mining, manufacturing and being number one in North America for healthcare. With the economy increasing, Lafayette, Louisiana is a great place to start a company.

Stats• Top ten cities in the South, with 1,000 technology jobs.

  • Lafayette was recognized as the 5th best city for job growth in the U.S. in the current issue of Business Facilities magazine.

Source: Business Facilities
July/August 2015