Living in Belleville

From the historic districts to new subdivisions, Belleville has it all when it comes to housing.

The architecture of many older homes in Belleville reflects the city’s German ancestry. Many Belleville residents enjoy the older neighborhood’s simple brick cottages, that feature an architectural style known locally as “German street house.” Other brick structures in Belleville’s historic neighborhoods embrace established architectural styles such as Greek Revival, Italianate, French Second Empire, Gothic Revival, Queen Anne, and American Foursquare. The Belleville National Register Historic District includes over 700 properties and provides residents and visitors alike an opportunity to view one of Illinois’ finest examples of mature 19th-century neighborhoods.

If you prefer new construction, there are houses available in every shape and size, in established neighborhoods and in new developments. The average home price in Belleville is from $100,000 to $150,000, with some neighborhoods reaching average prices into the $300,000 range and higher.

Many people who work in St. Louis, choose to live in Belleville. They have found that they can buy more house for their money and the commute time is shorter than from the western suburbs.