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Buzzi Unicem USA

The Stockertown Plant of Buzzi Unicem USA experienced a milestone year in 2016. The company, founded in the early 20th century, is now taking the lead on sustainable development.

Although the plant location was initially intended to operate in 1906 under the name of Atlantic Portland Cement Co., due to the financial panic of 1907, the site lay idle until 1916 when Morris Kind of Philadelphia and a group of investors purchased the property and begin construction. Hercules Cement was incorporated in August 1916.

With the strength of what this name implies, Hercules Cement went on to become a survivor of the Lehigh Valley cement industry that at one time boasted more than 60 cement plants. Today, this plant is one of five remaining cement plants in the Lehigh Valley, an area known for its Jacobsburg limestone formation.

The plant has always been a leader in the environmental manufacturing aspects. In 2012, this leadership expanded beyond the plant and into its land not suitable for mining with the Hercules Meadow project. Twenty acres were revitalized to support native plants and wildlife. Students from surrounding school districts continuously participate in this project, which includes helping to plant and create habitat support.

In addition to the native grasses, flowers and trees, the meadow is also home to a chestnut orchard that was planted in conjunction with the American Chestnut Tree Foundation’s Pennsylvania Chapter. This orchard offers an opportunity to compare the growth of five species of chestnut trees that assist with disease resistant strains. A portion of this land has also been planted with switchgrass, which aids in carbon dioxide sequestration and is harvested to become a green fuel in the kilns. The company is said to be the only U.S. cement plant that has undertaken such a feat.

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Lehigh Hanson

Lehigh Hanson is one of the largest construction materials companies in North America. Its companies manufacture and distribute products that are essential to the infrastructure of modern life, and contribute to the growth and health of economies and communities throughout the United States and Canada.

Its core activities include the production and distribution of cement and aggregates, the two essential raw materials for concrete. Lehigh Hanson also produces ready-mixed concrete, asphalt and other building products.

Lehigh Hanson is committed to a sustainable future, responsible manufacturing and community involvement with environmentally responsible, recyclable and efficient products. The company makes innovative use of raw materials and alternative fuels. And its reinvests in the communities where employees live and work to build not only a better company, but also a better future for everyone.

Lehigh Hanson is part of the HeidelbergCement Group, the global leader in aggregates, the third largest cement producer worldwide, and a major producer of ready mixed concrete.

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