One-of-a-Kind Tastings and Taps

Foodies and beverage gurus alike will revel in the rich mix of offerings available in Marshalltown.

Buzzed Bee Meadery, located in Marshall County just minutes from Marshalltown, is Iowa’s first Meadery. Tour their grounds, then visit their tasting room to sip and sample.

Iowa River Brewing Company has several handcrafted beers on tap, some of which are also available bottled. The brews are made on site from quality ingredients including hops from their local hop farm. The venue also offers weekly trivia competitions plus year-round live music and comedic performances.

Whether you’re tempted to try Thai, want to venture into Vietnamese fare, are seeking out Asian cuisine, crave more Hispanic flavors or have a yearning for Italian, it’s all here in Marshalltown. Multiple generations of immigrants from around the world have settled in Marshalltown, bringing with them a desire to pursue the American dream as they build a new life and open new businesses.

Craving a taste of Asia? Jack’s Pho’ House features classic recipes from Laos, Vietnam and Thailand. In fact, they were named one of the Top 10 best Pho Restaurants in Iowa by